Karen Dotrice and Ned Nalle Want To Share Our Story

Just a spoon full of sugar…. Mary Poppins.
Didn’t want to sell our Brentwood house, but it was time. Arlene found the dream buyer for us.. an offer we didn’t want to refuse!
Thought we’d never find a new house, but Arlene honed in on what we didn’t and did like, took into account 3 grown kid's very specific requests, and bingo! She nailed it! After not that many house visits, she found a home that checked everyone’s boxes… even the chickens!
Arlene will embrace your world, step into it with grace and class, and when her mission is accomplished, make the transitions SO smooth, it was fun!
Twenty years in Brentwood Park … and now a breathtaking reset in Malibu mountains.
Arlene is a goddess!!


Arlene is committed to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and service to faithfully serve her clients. Arlene Rutenberg is a premier luxury real estate broker in Southern California with vast experience in the Los Angeles Westside real estate market and an extensive international network of clients, real estate agents, and partners.

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