Design Concepts for Privacy


Of all the luxuries discerning buyers seek, privacy may be the most valuable. Designs that promote privacy vary, but these three innovative concepts are garnering interest by pushing the boundaries:


Ecologically designed homes are environmentally sustainable, functional, and most importantly, inconspicuous. Properties employing ecological design typically don’t have many exterior amenities like spas or swimming pools, though many offer outdoor fireplaces and courtyards. Limited exterior features preserve environmental tranquility and minimize disturbance, so the design focuses more on interior comforts, such as libraries, theaters, and wine cellars.
Notable ecological design architects include Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture, Helicon Works Architects, Eco Arc Architects, Alstrom Group PC, and Solearth Architecture.


While ecologically designed homes lean towards the inconspicuous, the subterranean design concept can make homes nearly undetectable. Either partially or completely underground, many subterranean homes nearly eliminate the need for heating and cooling with geothermal heating and passive design. In addition to eco-friendly and efficient features like solar energy-powered appliances, these sheltered or bermed homes are also stylistic masterpieces. Calculated and unique integration of indoor and outdoor spaces give subterranean homes a discreet, yet elegant feel.

Notable subterranean design architects include Frank Lloyd Wright, Christian Müller, Curt, and Deborah Sleeper, Make Architects, and Vetsch Architektur.


Since privacy can be a tall order in highly populated areas, a design concealing the scale and form of a property could be a perfect fit. One design technique architects are employing to achieve that look of discretion is mirrored exteriors. This concept cloaks mirrored segments and entire floors of a home in the reflection of its surroundings, which is particularly effective in areas with moderate foliage.

Notable invisible design architects include JaK Studios, Peter Stutchbury Architecture, Enter Projects, Lincoln Miles Architecture, and Thad & Videgard.

Though some of these design concepts are not new to the architectural world, they are being used in more innovative and interesting ways than ever before. These three concepts are also being used in combination with each other, just as some of our forefathers of design once did.

Frank Lloyd Wright built many sustainable homes employing these concepts, and the interiors, as well as the exteriors, are as much about beauty as they are function. Properties that incorporate these design elements showcase grace and luxury, while simultaneously featuring amenities like swimming pools, living rooftops, and entertaining terraces. They maintain their sleek design, excellent use of lighting and space, while giving buyers the privacy they desire. 


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