Characteristics of the Contemporary Home

The contemporary home, in all its glory of simple elegance, represent the architectural design of our current times, with a definitive set of characteristics.
A contemporary home features a minimalistic style with clean lines, geometric shapes, and asymmetric nuances. They often utilize natural materials that effortlessly blend with the elements. Best known for their highly functional and practical design, contemporary homes appeal to those who enjoy flexible use of space and plenty of light. You’ll recognize this distinctive architectural design throughout Los Angeles by some of these features:

·         Prominent, Geometric Shapes
·         Open Floor Plans to Embrace Outdoor Space
·         Asymmetrical Design
·         Large, Non-symmetrical Windows
·         Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Building Materials
·         Green Heating, Air-Conditioning and Plumbing Systems
Contemporary homes usually have minimal doors and walls, geared towards the highly functional, multitasking lifestyle. Considered to offer a warmer, homier design than the Modern-style plan, contemporary homes emphasize a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors, with movable exterior walls, slider doors, and fully equipped outdoor kitchens.
These flexible floor plans with movable pieces allow homeowners to easily transform an empty bedroom to a general purpose room- or whatever they choose when they become empty nesters.
With the use of sustainable materials including bamboo, natural granite used in floors and countertops, and the energy-saving features of windows and skylights, contemporary homes are eco-friendly and energy efficient.
The contemporary home is also ideal for entertaining. Alfresco kitchens and outdoor fireplaces create an ideal setting for mingling outdoors, making this a popular design for homeowners residing in temperate climates like Los Angeles.
Contemporary homes balance light, space, functionality and warmth, all while embracing their natural surroundings.


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