Arlene Rutenberg Receives Esteemed Web Design Award: Awwwards Honors


Awwwards is a professional competition platform recognizing cutting-edge web design and industry-leading digital architects. Their aim is to discover, recognize and promote the talent of web designers, developers, and agencies who create unique digital experiences. Since 2009, Awwwards holds an esteemed conference and recognition ceremony where the designers of the best web projects of the previous year are celebrated for their talent and dedication.
On March 21st, 2017 Arlene Rutenberg was awarded Honorable Mention from Awwwards for her innovative and industry-leading real estate website. Featuring full-screen videos, high-resolution property photos, and a wealth of information about the Los Angeles real estate market, Arlene Rutenberg has been able to provide clients with unparalleled visibility for their listings and a user-friendly way to access real estate information.
This special honor is given to websites that achieve a high score as voted by users in the Awwwards network. Criteria for their evaluation are based on four categories: Design, Creativity, Usability, and Content. High-scoring sites can win several different types of awards. As an Honorable Mention recipient, Arlene Rutenberg’s website has been entered as a contender to appear as “Site of the Day”. If successful, the website will be immortalized in print and will be featured in Awwwards’ yearly publication “The Best 365 Websites Around The World”.
With over 17 years of experience, Arlene Rutenberg has been a leader and trusted expert in the high-end residential real estate market. With a strong commitment to discretion and customer satisfaction, as well as a passion for the finest in architecture, design, and business development, Arlene Rutenberg is at the forefront of technological advancement and elevating the already exceptional service she provides to her clients.
Congratulations to Arlene Rutenberg for her cutting-edge and award-winning website!

Header Photo Source: Awwwards


Arlene is committed to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and service to faithfully serve her clients. Arlene Rutenberg is a premier luxury real estate broker in Southern California with vast experience in the Los Angeles Westside real estate market and an extensive international network of clients, real estate agents, and partners.

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