5 Stunning Personal Home Libraries


They say never judge a book by its cover –but in the case of home libraries, you can in fact proclaim that artfully stacked and shelved books (no matter how their shabby spines reveal their true age), make us think that when it comes to beauty, well… it’s not always skin deep. Libraries instantly add warmth and an old-world charm to a home. It’s a private sanctuary where you get to exhibit (and enjoy) your favorite hobby. Who knew books could effortlessly decorate a space? Get inspired to put your most cherished reads on display, with these home library designs that will make you want to spend most of your free time at home.  

The Classic Touch

There is nothing like the combination of wood-paneled shelves and a fireplace to create a cozy corner in your home. All the textures and warm tones will turn your personal library into a quiet retreat you’ll love to come home to. Curling up on a couch with a steaming cup of coffee and a classic page-turner, sure sounds heavenly.

Mixing Old With The New

A combination of traditional design with modern décor can make a home library both a fun and relaxing space. A classic bookcase will never look boring when accented with floor-to-ceiling windows, quirky knick-knacks, and huge doses of your whimsical taste. And if you’ve got lots of extra space, your home library could double as a space for entertaining too.

Laurau Interior Design

Double the (Book) Love

A double-height library sure is a grandiose way to celebrate your love of reading. Contemporary furnishings, beautiful lighting, and impeccable architectural details will definitely turn the library into a treasured space in your home.


Go Ultra-Modern

No matter how old your books are, take them to the 21st century and beyond with a cool, modern library design. Paired shelves painted with a vibrant color, accented with lots of windows that bring in natural light, and speckled with contemporary furnishings will create a fabulous, urban-inspired home library. 


Go Minimalist

Home libraries need not always be huge and space-consuming. For some, less really is more. A minimalist home library can still be chic, charming, and elegant no matter how limited the size. A bookcase decorating a single wall provides an elegant pop of color to a neutral space sparingly decorated with a cozy couch, a large window, and an outdoor view. Any corner in that room will make for a perfect reading spot.



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