2018 Decor and Design Trends


2018 trends in decor and design are leaving behind the brassy metallics and cool tones of 2017 and looking towards richer, warmer, more vibrant colors. Natural elements, textures, and a shift in kitchen appliance style make 2018 the year to make big, exciting changes. Here are the three biggest design trends for 2018:

Bold Colors and Bright Metallics

This year high-contrast palettes with saturated colors balanced out by whites are in, but before leaning towards a a cool gray or a forest green, or other cool, muted colors, consider that this year designers see a return to bold, rich colors and jewel tones, such as golds, reds, and warm greens and blues. 
Expect to see these colors in kitchens in 2018. For years the all-white kitchen has been a design staple, but designers see a shift to increased color from cabinets to hardware. Chic and sophisticated neutrals provide an alternative to white for the modern homeowner who still wants elegance, but is ready for the next phase of home design. As colors brighten in the kitchen, there will be a corresponding shift from stainless steel to color-rich materials such as copper, concrete, and granite; and if 2017 was the year of bronze, 2018 is the year to celebrate rose gold and copper. Warmer metallics that flatter bold color choices are in this year from kitchen hardware to lighting fixtures throughout the house. 


Velvet is this year’s hot trend, from throw pillows for those who don’t want to fully commit, to couches, headboards, dining room chairs and entire living room sets for those want to go all in. Instead of going with Millennial pink, try something in this year’s color, lavender, which is a little more muted and will coordinate perfectly with a new bold color on the walls, or that copper light fixture you just installed. For those who want to try the trend but for whom lavender just won’t work, designers recommend a sharp and bold black to create contrast. Expect to see more feminine touches such as softer lines, curves, ruffles and ruching in these items.

Inspired By Nature

From woven structures to houseplants to marble and granite, this year it will be important to integrate a home into its location by incorporating natural elements. Choosing long-lasting materials will result in a beautiful space with longevity that will stand the test of time, and give a home a timeless feeling, as though it was always part of the landscape around it. You’ll see this in backsplashes in the kitchen, or as a coffee table or desk, or even as bath accessories. Supporting community artisans is a a big 2018 trend as well, so be sure to stop in at local artisan shops and discover these treasures. Don’t be afraid to play with texture in this trend, either: mixing textures can instantly create another layer of decoration and interest.


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