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Young Buyers in the Luxury Real Estate Market

This interesting Wall Street Journal article reveals the new trend and rise of young buyers skipping the typical “starter home” and investing in high-end luxury real estate.

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Benefitting from Jumbo Loans

Interesting article about how wealthier Americans that can afford to quality for jumbo loans or higher risk adjustable-rate mortgages are seeking banks that are offering, as opposed to government-backed loans and other loans that average income Americans qualify for.

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Best Advice for Sellers and Buyers

“Sell quickly, win a bidding war” — great advice in CNN Money for homebuyers and sellers.

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisades is nestled between the Santa Monica mountains and Santa Monica Bay. It basks on bluffs (palisades), between Santa Monica (to the south), Brentwood (to the east), and Malibu (to the west).

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Pacific Palisades: Schools

Pacific Palisades is a beautiful residential community West of Los Angeles right next to the gorgeous Santa Monica Bay and Santa Monica Mountains.

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California Home Prices Continue to Rise

The news just keeps getting better for the California housing market, especially for Sellers. The LA Times reports on data that indicates a 5-year increase in sales prices.

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Sellers: It’s Your Market!

Interested in selling your home? This is one of the best times to do so before the rest catch on as the economy strengthens and the market becomes saturated. Watching

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Shiller Doubts the American Dream

Robert Shiller, perhaps best known for co-inventing the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, says the American dream of building wealth through homeownership is a fallacy.

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Buyer’s Market on the Horizon

The LA Times posted that while this isn’t quite a buyer’s market yet due to limited inventory, it will be different in a few years after investors need to start putting these purchases back on the market.

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