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Pocket Listings in a Hot Market Increase

Most homes that are put up for sale are posted on databases called multiple listing services (MLS), on which agents share information with one another in order to find buyers. There are open houses on Sunday afternoons and listings posted on real estate websites.

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Modern Melbourne Manse

This gorgeous modern estate in Melbourne, Australia is a blend of classic and chic with a pop of color to highlight every room, indoors and out. EST Magazineinterviews the owners in this “Open House” section. See the full interview for more incredible photos.

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Mortgages With 10% Down Are On The Rise

More mortgage lenders are offering conventional loans with down payments well below the 20% or higher levels of recent years.

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The Los Angeles Housing Frenzy

Interesting article in the LA Times about the surge in buyers and its impact on the Los Angeles housing market.

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Best Moves for Homebuyers

This great article in CNN Money lists out the best moves for homebuyers in an emerging market where inventory is low and offers are getting more competitive.

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Global Uncertainty Aids the U.S. Housing Market

Fascinating article on how our shrinking trade deficits are impacting the housing market; how the potential European inflation could strengthen our dollar; how Japan is working to turn the deflation value into inflation to ignite their economy, and how the instability and unknown of North Korea is helping to push money to the US from China.

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Mortgage Credit is Easing

Potentially great news for buyers. It is no secret that the mortgage industry has maintained extremely tight lending practices since the crash. Of course the scrutiny makes sense but it also hurts capable buyers — this article speaks through the possible hint at an increasing trend in flexible lending.

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Most Valuable Zip Codes

“The activity we are seeing for trophy home sales speaks volumes about the value of these markets,” said Budge Huskey, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

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Confidence Return to the Housing Market

Great news for the Los Angeles housing market. CNBC reports that as the market continues to steady the desire to buy is rising as well.

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